House of Living Stones

No one at CPH asked me to write a review of a new book they’ll be releasing later this fall. It’s called House of Living Stones. It’s a novel; a work of fiction. It’s about a small town Lutheran congregation and some of the people of said congregation.

I suppose they didn’t ask me to review the book and give them a pull quote because the author of House of Living Stones just so happens to be my wife. Maybe they think I’m a little too biased? That’s probably a fair reason.

But…whether they’ve asked or not, I’m going to briefly review it anyway.

It’s phenomenal. Speaking as a Lutheran pastor, it’s everything I want from a book from our publishing house. This is a story about the objective forgiveness of Christ given out in His means of grace; about the rejoicing and suffering we go through together as the Body of Christ; about the remarkable love and communion we share. This is the Christian fiction I want the people entrusted to my care to be reading. I reckon it’s the Christian fiction you want your brothers and sisters in Christ to be reading, too.

This isn’t a sappy book. It’s not trite. It’s not “chick lit”. It’s true. It’s sincere. It’s for the whole Body of Christ.

I couldn’t be prouder of my wife for her work on this. I can’t wait to read my own published copy. And I sincerely, without bias, can’t recommend enough that you purchase a copy for yourself, for your church library, for your pastor, and for anyone else you know who loves a good story and loves our Lord Jesus Christ.

If you want to pre-order the book, you can do so from CPH or from Amazon. It will also be available on Kindle.